trainer & founder


PLUSH started as a personal training gym in Tal Plush’s BK apt.  Tal quickly grew the business and opened Plush Fitness in Manhattan, focusing on group, small group & personal training. 

Tal realized that clients weren’t only coming in to train their bodies. Many were coming to escape their jobs, their problems at home, the monotony of their daily routine.  He then began wearing different hats; fitness trainer, nutritionist, therapist for people looking for help defeating their inner demons, comedian for people just simply looking for a reason to laugh, and more.

Then, something very special happened.  Members started to put on some of Tal’s hats and began helping each other.  And PLUSH was truly born.  As PLUSH grew, so did the community that thrived in its walls.  Quickly the community began spreading outside the gym.  People who never stepped foot inside the gym were all of a sudden part of PLUSH.

A community that helps each other grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Learn how PLUSH can help you

Whether you need 1-On-1 attention, prefer a group setting, or want to workout solo on your own time, PLUSH will help guide you along every step to achieving your greatest potential.